[Non-INSIGHT] DroneWar GameJam entry

This is a project created in 3-4 days for the Epic MegaJam, with the theme: “Settle the score”


Here’s a video:



I decided to work on this (instead of INSIGHT) for the last few days to try to learn a few different things that will be useful in the future. Primarily:

AI: I wanted to make a super basic flight movement AI and aiming AI. It’s rough and very basic, but it mostly works.

Simple flight mechanics: I’ve had the intention to work on a fun, easy to play flying game as a side project. The goal was to make something extremely simple to pick up (one key + mouselook) which could potentially work with VR, that had scope for skill based races / challenges / maneuvering.

3D Modeling: Whilst I’ve done a bit of 3d modelling in the past for INSIGHT, I wanted to practice a bit more by creating the ‘drone’ & weapon model.

Sequencer: There were a few things I wanted to figure out about using UE4s “Sequencer” in a simple project. I did record a few clips using Sequencer but in the end I just did a live capture of gameplay for the video above.

Music: Needed some practice with making background music which could work behind a voiceover (eg. for Kickstarter trailer) so I decided to make some music for the video. Not featured in the game itself though.


The style is kind of similar to what I’ve done before (wireframes, high contrast, shiny) because I expect I might reuse some things created for this. EG. In INSIGHT, I am planning to make a singleplayer/co-op/escape mode with AI drones.

Maybe this project will turn into something more serious eventually or if other people want to help out with it. Currently too busy with INSIGHT to focus on this much but I have a few ideas that could have potential for a flying based team game / race game.

Let me know what you think!